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100 KISS

Whilst watching certain blockbuster films, particular scenes stuck in my mind. In almost every American cinematic experience there is a moment where the characters kiss. There is usually a sense of suspense leading up to this pinnacle point in the storyline, which encapsulates romance.


The “American Dream” is emphasized in the films: ‘Saturday Night Fever (1977)’, ‘Rocky IV (1985)’, ‘Fight Club (1999)’ and ‘Gangs of New York (2002)’. Within these storylines, there is also an aspect of want and dream and this relates hugely to money and liberty.


To make this necklace, I cut the 100 heads out of the UK (1 Penny × 50) and the USA (1 Dime × 50) coins. Franklin Roosevelt looks to the left side and Queen Elizabeth II looks to the right side. This represents the culmination of wealth and romance as they kiss, and the respectable relationship between the UK and the USA.


100 KISS, 2013

British Coin, American Coin, Gilding Metal, Copper


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