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Redefining American currency by commodifying its value through the alchemistic system of fashion.

I am interested in the inorganic humor found in today’s commodity culture, where the notion of value has become nebulous and distorted beyond recognition. I often wonder how this system of values has become so accepted and unchallenged—while also remaining keenly aware that I am playing a part in the game just like everyone else. Hence my obsession with American currency and what it means to consume. Through my work, I deconstruct the value of “value.”

My desire is to bring about a collision between high and low values through the perspectives of commercialism, advertisement, Duchampian conceptualism, and pop aesthetics. As far as inspiration goes, I often cite Karl Marx's critique of commodity fetishism in his book Das Kapital, Volume 1. Through the process of deconstruction, I look at the peculiar relationship we have with American currency. I then reconstruct it through the lens of my irreverent perspective as a tourist in this country.

As far back as I can remember, I have been attracted to the ephemeral nature of value in daily life and fascinated with the design and texture of the coins and banknotes of my home country. This life-long obsession with money has led me to dismantle the design elements of coins, banknotes, credit cards, wallets, pouches, and money clips. I savor the journey of creative transformation that takes place in this process. My jewelry background and my craft aestheticism have carried me toward a product-based approach where I value the tangible over the intangible. From making small things large and large things small, to using an eclectic mix of materials, I enjoy creating a visual and textural contradiction.






アメリカでは、特に一番安価な 1 ドル札や 1 セント硬貨は意匠が凝らされたデザインであるにも関わらず見向きもされず、簡単に道に捨てる人もいる。日本のお金に比べて貨幣単位が細かく、チップ文化もありオモチャのように捉えられているのかもしれない。





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